The Magnetic Bordeaux fund for digital creation and new formats

Launched on 4th February 2019, the Magnetic Bordeaux Fund for digital creation and new formats aims to highlight new talent and develop the image industry in the area. The city wants to become a pioneering supporter of digital creation and new formats.

This selective fund worth 225,000 euros is financed 80% by Bordeaux Métropole and 20% by the City of Bordeaux and the CNC, the Centre National du Cinéma et de l’Image Animée (National Centre for Cinema and Moving Image) at a rate of 2 euros from local authorities to 1 euro from the CNC.

Writers, directors, and associations specialised in the development of novel or experimental innovative fiction (Internet videos, digital channels…) and digital works (interactive, virtual reality…), Magnetic Bordeaux will support you in the financing of your project so that you can make creative and qualitative leaps forward in your work.

To apply for the second round of this fund, applications must be submitted between 28th June and 31st October 2019. The projects will then be examined by a committee made up of film professionals representing the various branches of the profession. The results will be announced in January 2020.

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The fund targets:

  • Innovative fiction: internet videos, web series…
  • Digital works: interactive works, virtual reality…
  • Innovative and experimental works specifically using multimedia and digital technologies.
  • Fiction projects (short, medium, and feature films) specifically using digital technologies and / or new formats.

Support is centred on the writing and development side of projects. In some cases, support may also be provided for the dissemination of digital experiences.

Support will not extend to the production side of projects.If you want a helping hand in developing your project, have a look through the selection criteria and submit your application here

More information

Flashback on round one 2019.

12 projects were selected, including 5 innovative fiction works, 1 digital experience, 3 virtual reality works, 1 video creation, and 2 web series, led equally by authors and local or national associations, which in total received funding of 197,000 euros.