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You want to set up your business in Bordeaux? You’re looking to invest in the area? Discover the GIS Planning tool and the multitude of economic opportunities the city has to offer – in just a few clicks.

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    Economic and demographic data

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    Statistical comparisons between the Bordeaux area and other areas of France

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    A complete infographic of the area

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    Competitor and regional customer profiles by economic and industrial cluster

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    Data on skill and talent availability, student subject areas, and universities and research centres in the city.

The Bordeaux Real Estate Observatory (OIEB), through an exclusive partnership with Magnetic Bordeaux, makes its official data and analyses available for free. These local data are processed by the Bordeaux Urban Planning Agency (A’urba).

Through GIS Planning, you can find the economic data essential to the analysis of your project or to develop your knowledge of the Bordeaux real estate market:

  • Annual statistics and demand, main transactions for the past year
  • Real estate offer available at one year, new or second hand
  • Data related to major urban operations
  • New office programs, business premises market and warehouses
  • Average rental values, premium rents, vacation rates, etc.

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