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Your heart is in Bordeaux? Our city of reinvention, innovation, openness, entrepreneurial spirit, diversity, and culture.

You have a company in the area? You’re organising a public or corporate event. You’re an economic player, here or afar, proud of your Bordeaux roots?

You want to share your initiatives, your positive energy, and your good vibes? You want to be part of an active community with strong values? And you want to get involved in the development of our city?

If it sounds like you, keep reading!

You have a company in the area, you’re organising a public or corporate event, or you’re an economic player proud of your Bordeaux roots, living elsewhere in France or the world.

You have a company in the area, you’re organising a public or corporate event, or you’re an economic player proud of your Bordeaux roots, living elsewhere in France or the world.

If it sounds like you, keep reading and join us now!

Who can join Magnetic Bordeaux?

Our partnership is for anyone who contributes to the economic development of the Bordeaux area or works to boost its allure, whether you’re in the city, elsewhere in France, or abroad:

  • Entrepreneurs, CEOs, economic decision-makers, project leaders…
  • Talents: employees, company executives, creatives, students…
  • Tourism professionals and meeting organisers…
  • Event planners, in the public and corporate sectors


Becoming a partner of Magnetic Bordeaux means you’re recognised as a player in the Bordeaux area, and are part of an effective and productive network. Once endorsed, and a proud bearer of the Magnetic Bordeaux brand, you will:

  • Valoriser


    Benefit from the unique reputation of the Bordeaux brand (a symbol of quality, authenticity, and excellence known across the world) and be RECOGNISED as a key player in our dynamic area.

  • Intensifier


    Increase the visibility of your company or your event with the #MAGNETICBORDEAUX hashtag.

  • Faciliter


    Be part of a committed, positive, co-operative, and open community, which will expand your network.

  • Promouvoir


    Share your unique and personal vision for our city, and be part of building its thriving grassroots identity.

  • Communication


    Promote Bordeaux’s image thanks to shared communication which brings together corporate and public players working to boost our city’s allure.

  • Ressources


    Access our resources which include: economic studies, profiling, and maps / infographics, which are all available through the economic intelligence GIS Planning tool on our site.

Core value : balance

We are a balance of elements: tradition & innovation, the land & a smart city, historical heritage & cultural eclecticism, the art of living and technological know-how, nature & urban, ocean & mountains, independence & openness, British reserve & Iberian friendliness, competitive & collaborative , singular & plural, elegant & rock ‘n’ roll, rive gauche & rive droite, castles & street stalls, the moon & the light, proud & rebellious, pioneering & inclusive, connoisseur & welcoming, bourgeois & supportive, hedonistic & industrious, true to its roots & resilient…



The Magnetic Bordeaux values

Wellbeing – connoisseur tastes with a sense of conviviality
Openness – imagination and curiosity
Respect – a collaborative commitment to the environment and each other
Dynamism – a taste for entrepreneurship and innovation
Elegance – a unique elegance and a French art of living
Ambition – a fighting spirit, but also a pragmatic one
Universal character – a humanistic view with a sense of balanced dialogue
X-factor – a multitude of singularities with a dose of soul

We’re convinced that success demands collaboration. Building a distinctive image and strong cohesion will take commitment and dedication from all of us. But the approach is free, evolutionary, and creative! And we’re open to all of your suggestions!

Becoming a MAGNETIC BORDEAUX partner means embracing these values and spreading the good vibes together!


You share the Magnetic Bordeaux values and want to be a player in the community? Join Magnetic Bordeaux now!